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Delhi has been rigorously known for its fast paced life centring around work, pressure and creating a name for yourself. But the saying “All work and no play makes your life dull” incredibly fits here, which is why there are many builder groups who have been meaning to make your life relaxing and adventurous. What I have been referring to is Omaxe Builder Groups very own “Oh! Max Wonderland” located at Sector Beta-II in Greater Noida (Omaxe Connaught Place Shopping Mall).

The place is so lively that it is bound to get you rejuvenated to the inner core. Of all the best picnic spot in Delhi NCR, trust me, Oh! Max Wonderland will obviously take you to the paradise of the magical world.

What Actually Is Oh! Max Wonderland?

Oh! Max Wonderland is India’s largest indoor theme-based park devotely built to provide you as well as your entire family with a gallon of fun and entertainment. The place has a surrounding indoor play area for kids to make your weekend filled with immense laughter.

What do you get once you reach here?

Oh! Max Wonderland is particularly an interactive Broadway style theatre where you can enjoy live performance which will take you into the era in which the corresponding theme is based upon. We have seven attractions custom designed for people who have been meaning to search for ‘good picnic places near me’ queries. This is why our seven attractions welcomes everyone no matter what age groups you are; be it children, couples and elders. Let’s take a look at major attractions of Oh! Max Wonderland.

Oh! Taj

Get closer to take a clear look into Shahjahan's real love for Mumtaz where we display an exquisite touch of the finest Mughal architecture, coupled with a holographic show consisting of a movie which covers the eternal love story and how Taj was made. We have live characters, music and Qawwali to make history more interesting and will happen to take you into that era.

The Jungle of Amazon

Come and experience the untamed species in the jungle of Amazon. You will explore the dense and alive jungle filled with ancient caves, exotic plants and fierce animals of the wild. It acts as a visual treat to experience life-sized wild creatures for people who were looking for the best places for picnic in Delhi.

The Unsinkable Titanic

If you think that you will never see the great Titanic again? Then, you are surely just about wrong as we take you 12000 ft deep into the water and witness the Titanic from the place you have never seen before.

We will rewind the clock systems and take you on a ride where you can meet the passengers and interact with all the crew members. Let’s make the complete North Atlantic ours right here at Oh! Max Wonderland.

Treasure of Tut

If we are still on the tracks of time travel, then there can be no place better than Treasure of Tut where you get to see the mummy of Tut Ankh Amon and its secret treasure with Kelvin, the Archaeologist

We help you discover the twinkling artifacts, statues and strange creatures inside the cursed tomb of Pharaoh. Come and be a part of us as we get down and face the enthralling escape.

The Chocolate Factory

Craving something chocolaty? Well, we can take care of your needs by getting you on board with us to give you a ride of the entire chocolate factory where Mr. Max Moody and his three companions Chinkey, Chimney and Chintu will help you learn the art of making delicious chocolates.

From milking the cows to carefully selecting, testing and fermenting the cocoa seeds, you will experience everything about what your favourite chocolates has to go through. Come and be our guest anytime you want.

Mirror Maze

Want to know something about ‘BhoolBhulaiya’? Well, we are not at all talking about the Bollywood movie, instead we are referring to the maze surrounding mirrors in all the sides where you will need to find the right way in order to come out.

It is an exciting experience which you don’t usually come across. Join us and we will take you to the land of thrilling mirror maze than is awaiting for you.

Adventure Park

Come and join the ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ experience but we have only replaced ‘Khatra’ with fun. Test your skills, balance and strength on taking our famous Indoor Adventure Rope Course. You can even lay out challenges to your friends on who will be able to complete the entire course in minimum time.Come and let’s all have fun on the most adventurous indoor obstacle course at Oh! Max.

Trampoline Park

Want to bounce things off from the busy schedules of your daily life? Well, we have just what you need to cool off your mind with a park full of trampolines where you can literally have fun with your family and friends just by bouncing off to each other.

“Jump higher, dunk harder” has been our motto which is the reason why we have created the biggest trampoline park in India where people of any age and shape are welcome. Come and let us have some amazing time together!

Lastly, Oh! Max Wonderland is bound to fulfill your expectations and will give you an experience that cuts you off from your busy schedules. Grab your tickets as we have prepared the least amount of prices for you!

Oh! Max Wonderland
Omaxe Connaught Place Mall, Block H, Beta II
Near CNG Filling Station
Greater Noida
Uttar Pradesh - 201308

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