Best Place for Delhi NCR Weekend Gateway !!

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We all know how hectic our lives have become in and around Delhi NCR. It has been almost like machine. Everyone is busy all through. Weekends are like blessings. Everyone plan to meet up their friends and family for fun and quality time.

Travelling becomeassence of all. Quick travel plans gives happiness. Best places are few. Oh!Max Wonderland is one of its own kind in Delhi NCR.

What Actually Is Oh! Max Wonderland?

Oh!Max Wonderland is India`s Largest Indoor Theme Park located in Greater Noida inside Omaxe Connaught Place Mall with internationally equipped best themes and facilities. Best place to have fun ,best entertainment in delhincr . There is something for everyone. The place has a surrounding of fun & entertainment to make your weekend filled with immense happiness. It seems like best places for picnic in delhi

Located at heart of city, Oh!Max Wonderland is basically Broadway style theatre where Live Characters perform on your one hand distance takes you to the era in which the corresponding theme is based upon. This is why these attractions welcome you if you meaning to search for “best place for weekend Gateway” question. It has total seven attractions divided into three zones.
Lets check out best attractions of Oh!Max Wonderland :-

Dino Park

OLive size Dino`s inside their habitat. Unbelievable dinosaur species, must entertainment for kids, very educational. Dino rides are available for kids ,Kids best place to have best weekend makes it ultimate fun.


Oh!Max Wonderland has particularly doing Live Musical performances of Live Characters of Taj. It’s a Broadway style theater where live characters are performing on your one hand distance with lavish costume, takes you away in that Mughal Era at Oh!Taj. Feel the vibration of LOVE , take a close look into Shahjahan`s real love for Mumtaz, Holographic show at secret chamber , 6D Movie about their journey makes the moment so perfect. It is the answer for best picnic spots near me

Jungle Of Amazon

Oh!Max Wonderland has it all for your little kidos to experience the real dusty jungle life!! Juggle your way through the Amazonian Woodlands at best place for Fun & Entertainment near you. This place is so cool. It is the answer for best picnic spots near meand Indoor Play Area for Kids. Experience the untamed fierce animals at Jungles of Amazon that comes alive with exotic plants and ancient caves.

Treasures of TUT

Feel the Chills of discovering & also travel thousands of years in the past to discover the mummy of Tutankhamen and his secret treasure with Kelvin, our Archeologist. It is Activities To Do with Your Family This Weekendvisit .

Mirror Maze

Find your way out of the BhoolBhulaiya of mirrors. Trust your reflection and stay calm, at our Mirror Maze. This is place to answer if you have question: Where can I go with my family in Noida?

The Unsinkable Titanic

Plunge 12000 feet deep with Capt Smith taking you on a tour of The Unsinkable Titanic. This is the one of the best places to celebrate kids birthday

The Chocolate Factory

Learn the art of making chocolate with Mr. Max ‘0” Woody through our tour of the fun-filled Chocolate Factory. This is the one of the best places to celebrate kids birthday


Oh!Max, The Indoor Wonderland brings you a one of its kind indoor obstacle course. Rising to a height of 30 feet with 3 tiers of thrilling obstacles, Adventure Park will test your courage and your fitness. The 34 nerve-wracking challenges and 4 spider webs are definitely not for the weak hearted. You will encounter the Ninja Pole, Zigzag Ladder, Net Bridge, Bosun Chair, Burma Bridge and lots more. It’s the best activity for your gang of friends who love a good challenge and crave the adrenaline rush at the end of a tough pursuit. Let’s see if you and your friends can set the record for the fastest time to cross the obstacle course. It is the place where we can enjoy in Delhi NCR with our gang of friends.

Trampoline Park

Welcome to the original home to endless wall-to-wall aerial action and never stop searching for new ways to fly. It’s the best activity for your gang of friends. Jump higher, dunk harder as we throw the party high above the rim . Everyone’s invited to one of India's largest indoor trampoline arenas.

Trampoline Park is a wall-to wall aerial action at one of India’s largest Indoor trampoline arena. It is the super cool things to do with your kids in Delhi NCR

Sell Ball

Sea ball Pool is India‘s largest indoor ball pit where your kids can have fun with over 3 lakh balls. It is the super cool things to do with your kids in Delhi NCRand Indoor Play Area for Kids.

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