Treasures Of TUT
Travel back thousands of years and discover the mummy of Tutankhamen and its secret treasure with Kelvin our Archaeologist. Explore Shimmering artifacts, heavenly statues, and strange creatures, all glinted with gold as they emerge from the mist in the cursed tomb of Pharaoh. It’s an enthralling escape to save your life from ‘Keeper Of The Dead’ the guardian of the mummy and ‘Mummification Man’.
  • 5D simulator ride
  • King TUT's holographic show
  • Keeper of the dead and live mummies
  • Enthralling escape from the cursed tomb of King TUT
  • Not suitable for children aged less than 8 years
  • Stimulator ride not recommended for pregnant ladies and those who have back pain
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Mon - Sun
11 AM to 6:20 PM