The Chocolate Factory
Learn the art of making OH!Chocolate which is not a normal chocolate but a Sachi Achhi Pure And Honest Chocolate. From milking the cows to very carefully selecting, testing and fermenting the cacao seeds, every single stage is well displayed in a fun learning experience. Meet Prince and Princess Puducherry and witness the star attraction of the theme Mr. Woody with his team of three Oompa Loompas CHINKY, CHIMNEY And CHINTU who will explain the process of chocolate making in an enchanting musical drama.
  • Mr. Max Woody's dance drama with Chinky, Chimney and Chintu
  • From BEANS to BARS- art of chocolate making in details
  • Meet the Animatronic chef
This attraction is part of the Oh!Explore package, also including:
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Mon - Sun
11 AM to 6:20 PM